I like old stuff: Round Top

In case you can’t tell, I have an affinity for old things, stuff with a history beyond factory to store (which is also why I love handmade). It’s also a testament to the maker if an object can carry on through generations, only getting better with time. Twice a year, I get to relish in my love of old–to the point of exhaustion–during what has become known to some as Round Top (the town that started it) or Antique Week, It’s during this time that a tiny stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere turns into an overflowing festival of antiques, unique finds, and junky treasures. If you’ve never gone, just imagine miles and miles of tents full of stuff.

My momma and I make the trip out there at least once a year, either for the big shows in the fall or spring, or the smaller, shorter ones in winter and summer. We have a system down, where to go and not go, where to eat lunch, and where to get coffee. I’ve found a lot of my fabrics there, as well as an old glass wine jug (now used as a lamp base), a giant pyrex container I turned into a side table, countless trinkets, and an amazing mysterious cabinet that no one seems to know what it was used for.

This year I returned with fabric more than anything else, and boy, did I! I’m excited to turn these puppies into usable things.

Clockwise, from top left: Lovera cigar box of my own, Colored twine for bargain price, 70s tablecloth, Lovely patterned tablecloth, Scarves dug up from a bargain bin, 3 lovely feedsacks waiting to become tote bags.


Another one of my favorite finds is that Lovera cigar box (previously here and here) for only $2. I’m pretty head over heels for that design.

There was also plenty admire that I did not buy. Like these ammazzinggg swimsuits (bad picture, but I love them so!):

Cushy velvet ribbons that I couldn’t find a way to use:

And books! Books books books.

Round Top is always worth the trip, even if you come home empty-handed (though, I think it would be harder to not buy anything than find something to buy). The next show is the smaller winter one, held January 18th and 19th. Mark your calendars.

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  1. I am an avid Warrenton/ Round Top shopper and I didn’t know they had a winter show! This was my first time to miss the Fall show, so this made my day! Can’t wait to see what you make of that pretty vintage fabric.

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